Consider Your Situation Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Plano, IL

Whether a person is injured in a slip and fall accident or they are injured because they were caught up in an auto accident that wasn’t their fault, these are times where a person needs to be especially sensitive to the potential need for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Plano IL. While not every accident will require the services of a personal injury lawyer, there are situations where their services will be beneficial.

Small Settlement Issues

When a small settlement is required, a personal injury attorney may only be consulted about the size of the settlement and to determine whether that settlement is a fair offer. For smaller issues, insurance companies are typically more than willing to settle the issue so that everyone involved can move on with their lives.

When Things Get Difficult

Where things get a bit more difficult, and where a person may need to consider retaining the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Plano IL, is when there are significant repercussions from an automobile accident or a slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, serious auto accidents may not only entail significant damage to a person’s vehicle, but they can also result in significant injuries.

The immediate medical care needed to treat these injuries as well as long-term medical care, rehabilitation or sometimes adjusting to a permanent disability can mean big settlement requirements. This is where insurance companies get a bit skittish.

Fair Compensation

Insurance companies will often offer compensation, but it is not surprising that this compensation is typically well below what is needed. When insurance companies refuse to budge, that may be the time to bring in a personal injury attorney. The attorney will have a number of different ways in which they can approach the situation that can potentially provide more equitable compensation offers.

The good thing is that if you or one of your loved ones has experienced a significant injury that was not their fault, speaking with or retaining the services of a personal injury attorney is something to consider. Because most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis, a person inquiring about legal action against an individual, business or insurance company has little to lose. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, and you’re interested in your options, you may want to contact The Cosentino Law Firm LLC.

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