Surviving a long distance relationship

The internet has allowed for love to blossom in a way that was unthinkable not too many years ago. It can start with a simple email which then progress to photos either shared on a social network site or sent by mail. The next thing is telephone conversations and then a decision is made to meet one another. The problem is; he lives in the US and she lives in the UK. The price of the airline tickets are easily affordable these days with so many budget airlines flying across the ocean. The couple meets, spend some wonderful time together and realize that there is a certain chemistry in their relationship that they want to take further. So far; so good.

Then the truth dons on them, they have to separate, go back to work or other commitments that they may have. The parting is done reluctantly, how long will they be apart and how will they maintain the love they have declared for one another during these long periods of absence?
It can be easier than you think if you develop a plan that includes all the important elements; honesty and openness. During this time gifts for long distance girlfriend need to be purchased, but they need to be very special.

During these periods of enforced absence it is very important that you talk about all your thoughts and all your feelings, treat the situation as if you were sitting side by side. Talk about the things you see in yourself that you consider to be your weaknesses, vulnerabilities and insecurities. Talk about your feelings and thoughts, sometimes a distance relationship can teach the couple more about one another than they could learn in many years of marriage.

One of the trickiest subjects is for the couple to decide what, in their mind, constitutes infidelity. What happens if you go out for a drink with friends, how does the other party see this? If you maintain a relationship with a long time friend that happens to be female, how is this viewed by your long distance girl friend?

It is important to send letters and photos. Yes, these things can be done over the internet but say what you want, there is nothing better than sending love letters and well thought out gifts for a long distance girlfriend.


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