Storing Wine You Buy From The Wine Store

A Wine Store like Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. gives you the variety you are craving. When you buy wine, you don’t have to use it or drink it all immediately. You do have the option of storing it. But, before you start buying and storing wine, you have to know some things about keep wine. It’s possible to ruin your wine if you don’t store it properly. Some people are now advancing a new method of wine storage. They advise storing your wine at an angle with the cork end lower than the bottom of the bottle. This is a way to allow the cork to remain moist while not letting the size of the air bubble fluctuate in size. An air bubble that decreases in size may actually suck oxygen into the wine bottle.

Before buying your wine from the Wine Store, make sure you have a place with the right temperature to store the wine. The biggest threat to stored wine is constantly changing temperature. Cold temperatures force the wine to develop at a slower pace. When temperatures are warm, the wine will reach maturity faster. Wine shouldn’t be frozen. Freezing wine may result in the cork being forced out of the bottle. Also, temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit can affect the wine’s color. Some of the important compounds in the wine may also be lost if the temperature exceeds 85 degrees.

Pay attention to the bottle when you are buying your wine. If it comes in a clear bottle, that means you will have to do more to protect the wine from light. Wine that is exposed to strong light can have its taste altered. You can always wrap the wine bottle in a dark cloth to protect it from light while you are storing it.

Humidity is another thing that you must keep an eye on. An extremely dry area may cause the cork to dry out. If the cork dries out, it isn’t going to be a great barrier. Keeping the bottle too moist might affect the label on your wine bottle. Wine that you buy can be stored and enjoyed for many years.

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