Post a Jail Bond in Clayton County and Get Out of Jail Quickly

When a person is arrested, he is brought to the local jail. After his personal information is taken, he appears before the judge to hear the charges against him. He is then able to plead guilty or not guilty. The judge will also determine if he is eligible for bail. Often the district attorney and defendant’s lawyer disagree over how much bail should be paid. The judge takes into consideration the severity of the crime and the probability that the defendant will appear for his trial. The judge can also set conditions that the defendant must adhere to when he is out on bail. Once these details are worked out, the defendant can post a Jail Bond in Clayton County.

Most defendants don’t have the money to post the full bail. They have to turn to a bail bond company that will post the bond for them. They will be asked to pay a percentage of the bail and a fee. The percentage and fee depend upon the amount of the bail. If a person has never been arrested before, this can be a confusing process. Often a parent or spouse has to find the bail bond company. They may fear that this will be a contentious and demeaning experience. However, bail bond agents are professionals. They treat people who need a Jail Bond in Clayton County in a courteous and respectful manner.

Bail bond agents are available 24 hours a day. Their offices are located near the local jail so that they can help a person get out of jail as fast as possible. Most applications take less than a half hour to complete. Many bond companies allow applicants to fill out the application online. Because the bail bond company is responsible for ensuring that the defendant appears in court, the bail bond agent will stay in close contact with the defendant. The agent will call the defendant frequently and may even visit him without notice. He will make sure that the defendant knows his court dates and has transportation.

Free At Last Bail Bonds Dekalb County is one of the companies in Georgia that help defendants make bail. They are available at any time to provide this service.

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