Storing And Displaying A Sculpting Ice Block In Long Island NY

If a sculpted ice block is going to be used as a centerpiece at a social gathering, the following storage and display tips can be used. A sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY that is purchased from Ice Fuel LI or a similar business will provide a setting with a unique appearance that people will appreciate.

Make Arrangements For A Delivery And Store A Sculpture

An ice distributor offers a delivery service and will drop off ice products at a residential or commercial setting. Prior to a gathering, arrangements should be made to have a product delivered so that ample time is available to set up a dining area where a sculpture will be used.

If an individual decides to have a sculpture delivered a couple hours before an event begins, they need to determine where they will store a sculpture so that it doesn’t melt. If a sculpture is a standard size, it may fit in an ice chest or upright freezer. A larger sculpture, however, will need to be stored in an industrial-sized freezer. Although an ice sculpture will not melt immediately and may even remain solid for several hours, it is still a good idea to preserve a sculpture’s condition by keeping it away from heat or lights prior to an event.

Display A Sculpture On A Waterproof Surface

If guests will be sitting around a large table and a host or hostess would like everyone to be able to view a sculpture while eating their meals, they need to place a sculpture on top of a waterproof surface. If a sculpture isn’t very tall, it should be placed on a waterproof fabric. If an event will last for several hours and a large, tall sculpture is being used as a centerpiece, ice should be set inside of a deep glass or metal dish.

If intricate details are located near the base of a sculpture, a clear holder will work better so that people will be able to see the design that has been added to ice. Lights can be aimed toward a sculpture to also enhance a sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY.

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