Ice Sculptures In Long Island NY And Additional Items That Can Be Used To Decorate A Banquet Room

If a ceremony is going to be held to honor employees who have worked hard for many years at a company, the following decorations can be used to provide the banquet room where the event will be held with an attractive appearance. As a result, attendees may be impressed with the way that the room has been set up.

Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures in Long Island, NY are made out of large pieces of ice. A design will be sculpted into a sculpture, based upon a customer’s wishes. Ice blocks that are used to make a finished piece consist of purified water that was frozen. A sculpture can be designed that represents a person, symbol or unique pattern. If multiple Ice Sculptures in Long Island NY are purchased, they can be set up in several areas in a room where a ceremony will be held. Since sculptures are made out of thick pieces of ice, they will last for hours. More information about sculptures and how to order them can be acquired by visiting Website Domain or a comparable website.

Ice Luge

An ice luge is an ice product that is also made out of contaminant-free water that has been frozen. A design is often carved into a luge and food items are placed inside of it. As a result, perishable items will retain their freshness throughout a social event. If beverages will be served after a ceremony, a luge can be used. Once a beverage is poured through a carved area, an individual who will be drinking it can fill their glass from the other side of the ice decoration.

Framed Photographs And Descriptions

Photographs of employees who will be recognized during a ceremony can be placed inside of decorative frames. Afterwards, framed photographs can be hung from walls inside of a banquet room. If descriptions of each person and the job duties that they are responsible for are typed on card stock or file cards, they can be hung near the photographs so that guests can learn more about each person who will be honored during the event. As a result, attendees may be more appreciative about the duties of each person and will be well-prepared for speeches that are made about each person during a ceremony.