Stones, Bugs, and Debris: Car Paint Protection in Connecticut

Cars take some major abuse on the road. Nicks, rocks, dents, and fender benders alike all seem focused on making everyone’s car look dated, beat up, and of lesser value. This is even more exaggerated while driving to work and navigating the murderous in-roads of the Northeast. Road concerns are just the beginning. Threats from the sky (hail, the sun, rain) are all meticulously designed to cause a vehicle some harm.

Though this is a slight exaggeration, there is enough out there in the world to cause vehicle owners to rethink their protective measures for their vehicle. Tint Master in CT offers a versatile new service to protect from threats from others, the ground, and the sky. A ClearShield paint protection service is a transparent protective film that covers the vehicle. It is applied to every little nook and cranny, and it is completely indistinguishable, visually.

It protects from all the aforementioned concerns of the road, also including road debris, bugs, and salt. Bugs are actually quite underestimated as far as road concerns go. They embed into the paint, and their removal causes little black holes in the paint work that can only be fixed through a manual repair.

Tint Master offers car paint protection in Connecticut from ClearShield. They are authorized installers of the groundbreaking new technology. A 5 year manufacturer’s warranty is withheld through the company. So if a customer finds themselves in Groton, New London, Norwich, Old Lyme, Mystic, or the Waterford regions of Connecticut, they can opt for this new service offering. It will protect a car’s finish effectively and with an everlasting style.

30 years in the making, Tint Master has a history that proves their longevity in this constantly shuffling industry. A lifetime warranty is irrelevant if a company closes shop months after servicing a vehicle. The struggling economy is leaving vehicle maintenance companies in a tough stop as they attempt to juggle fees, rising automotive prices, and tight budgets. But a 30 year history is not something to ignore. ClearShield is promised to protect one’s vehicle, and the 5 year warranty further provides assurance of its quality. Trained professionals tiny vehicles, protect paint, and offer automotive services that beat out the competition.

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