Specialists for Automotive Repair in Puyallup WA Offer Tips on Budget Maintenance

Do you have an older vehicle that you are trying to squeeze as many miles out of as possible? If so, maintenance is one of the keys to making that happen. Here are some tips from your shop for automotive repair in Puyallup WA to help keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly without breaking your budget.

Pay Attention to Priorities
If you’re trying to maintain your vehicle on a budget, it’s important to prioritize your needs. The most important repair needs are those that will keep you safe on the road. If there is something that could cause you to lose control of the vehicle, such as old tires or bad brakes, these should top the list of maintenance procedures. Next on your list should be those things that could leave you stranded, such as bad hoses or belts. Third should be preventative maintenance, including oil changes, coolant flushes and transmission fluid procedures.

Learn to Listen
When you’re driving an older car, you’re going to hear some noises regardless of how well you maintain it. But the important thing is to know which noises are normal and which ones are not normal. The best way to tell the difference is to know your car. If you know what noises it usually makes, you’ll be able to hear when a new noise begins. By recognizing abnormal noises, you can catch many problems while they are still a minor issue before they turn into costly repairs.

Learn to Feel
Another way to determine if something is about to be a problem is by “feeling.” When you’re driving down the road, does it suddenly feel like a rougher ride than usual? Do the brakes feel “soft” or is the steering wheel becoming more difficult to control? There could be several reasons for these issues, but addressing them early will help keep your costs for automotive repair in Puyallup WA down. For instance, if your brakes are soft, it could lead to the brake pads being worn down to the metal and then grinding against the rotors. Pads are inexpensive to change, but rotors could cost much more. By recognizing the first sign of a problem, you can be proactive and save money.

Know When to Say When
Having an old “beater” of a car is great if it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. But there comes a time when it becomes a money pit and you’re just throwing good money away by making repairs. Knowing when to dump it for a newer model is important for saving your budget. Don’t be afraid to tell it goodbye when it’s time.

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