How To Minimize The Risk Of Bed Bugs

When it comes to pests, ants and cockroaches are often the first to come to mind. Bed bugs in Massachusetts pose their own set of problems yet homeowners tend to look past them. People mistakenly believe that they don’t have a bed bug problem simply because they don’t see them. Even when their presence is suspected, it is believed that they are incapable of causing harm due to their microscopic size.

Even when people begin seeing red spots and rashes appear around their body, they may believe the problem is caused by ticks and fleas from pets. To be sure whether your bed or furniture is infested with bed bugs in Massachusetts, you should perform a visual inspection. As small as these little critters are, they can still be spotted by the naked eye and will appear as tiny little black dots. These, of course, can be the bed bugs themselves, their eggs or molted skin.

There are some measures that can be taken to minimize the risk that your home does not become infested. The steps will need to be taken not when you are at home, but when you are out traveling because that is when they can cling onto your belongings. If you are staying at a hotel, try not to place your luggage near the bed. In fact, all personal items should be placed in the bathroom. Before sitting or lying on the bed, be sure to inspect the sheets and pillows. This includes every section of the bed and flipping over the mattress.

Once you have confirmed that bed bugs are in your home, you need to contact a pest control service right away. Some people will forgo this step and try to solve the issue themselves by throwing the mattress away. This is an ineffective solution because they can also be found around the bed instead of being on it. This solution can also cause you to throw away a perfectly good and expensive mattress for nothing.

An exterminator will perform an inspection of all the mattresses and furniture in the home. Any colony that is detected will be destroyed on the spot without damaging the area in which they are found. Bed bugs in Massachusetts can be resilient and hard to detect and get rid of. However, they are no match for a pest control service that will make your home bed bug free.

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Bed bugs Massachusetts

Bed bugs Massachusetts

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