Sophisticated Cameras and Equipment Make Drain Cleaning in Norman Fast and Effective

When the kitchen sink takes a long time to drain, it’s a sign that there is a clog somewhere in the plumbing system. Most people try to clear the clog with a chemical drain cleaner that they purchase at the hardware store. Sometimes this works and the drain does run freely. However, there are times when it just gets worse. Chemical drain cleaners work best on small grease clogs and are powerless against a small child’s toy or a tree root. Homeowners have no way of knowing what type of clog is in their pipe. Professional Drain Cleaning in Norman ensures that their clogs are properly diagnosed and thoroughly cleared.

Licensed plumbers have new tools that let them quickly find and see the clog in the drain. Small cameras that are attached to the end of a flexible steel cable can travel the length of the plumbing system to find the clog. This allows the plumber to clearly see what is blocking the drain. There is also a device on the camera that can transmit the exact location of the clog. If the plumber sees a small plastic action figure near the opening of the drain, he may use a mechanical claw to pull it out or to pulverize it.

The video inspection may show that grease, sand, and hair are building up along large portions of the drain pipes. Hydro jetting can quickly remove these materials. This Drain Cleaning in Norman technique sends water through the pipe at very high pressure. Because this pressure could damage weakened pipes, its important that the plumber confirm that the pipes are strong enough to withstand the pressure. Hydro jetting is also an eco-friendly drain cleaning technique because no harsh chemicals are used. Commercial uses, such as restaurants, that generate a lot of greases often have their drain lines cleaned on a regular basis to prevent a disruption to their business.

Excel Mechanical Plumbing Heating & Air is one of the Norman companies that can clear drains for customers. People can call them to receive a free quote and set up a service visit.

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