A Long Term Disability Attorney in Lafayette, LA can Help Clients Get the Money They Deserve

If a person has a long term disability (LTD) and cannot work, they should hire a lawyer quickly to maximize their chances of getting a claim approved. Filing a claim for LTD, especially in cases where an employee has group coverage, is a risky process for a first-time applicant. An improperly filled form or missed deadline can put the entire case in jeopardy.

What Long Term Disability Attorneys Do

LTD insurance is under the jurisdiction of ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. ERISA is a federal law outlining specific deadlines and procedures for LTD claims. A long term disability lawyer will follow ERISA rules and help clients get what they deserve.

Getting Ready to File a Lawsuit

Many applicants are caught by surprise when they find that they cannot introduce new evidence in a lawsuit against an insurer. Federal judges decide cases based on the contents of a person’s claims file, and a Long Term Disability Attorney in Lafayette LA, will try to supplement that record with evidence before the internal appeals process concludes. The attorney will ensure that the claim file contains the right evidence, and they will work with the client’s doctors to get favorable opinions on work limitations.

Hiring Expert Witnesses

Depending on whether the insurance policy covers all or limited occupations, a long term disability lawyer may ask experts to testify on job requirements or the state of the labor market. It’s rarely wise to rely on testimony provided by “impartial” experts hired by insurance carriers.

Acting as the Claimant’s Agent

When obtaining evidence of a client’s disability, the attorney will work with the insurance carrier or the plan’s administrator. The lawyer will file an initial application and all appeals on time, and they will also conduct negotiations and file a federal lawsuit if necessary.

When to Hire a Lawyer

It is always the right time to hire an attorney in a long term disability case. As soon as an individual cannot work, they should call a Long Term Disability Attorney in Lafayette LA, to discuss their next move. Attorneys such as those with chrisrichardattorney.com usually offer free consultations, so claimants don’t have much to lose.

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