Some Innovative Ways to Honor a Loved One After Cremation Services In Harrison, OH

When a family arranges for Cremation Services In Harrison OH, they probably have already made a decision about the ashes. Typically, the family has the cremated ashes buried in a container at a cemetery, scatters the ashes outside, or keeps them at home in an urn. People have also come up with innovative and unusual ways to memorialize their loved one, and various organizations are ready to help.

A Thing of Beauty

One of the increasingly popular ways of memorializing a deceased person is to convert some of the cremated ashes into a diamond or incorporated into a beautiful object. A hand-blown glass vase or a stained glass window are examples. A diamond could be displayed in a place of honor in the home, or it could be worn as jewelry. Another option that is gaining hold in popularity is having an artist blend some of the ashes with paint and create a portrait of the deceased individual.

A Container Once Loved

Instead of choosing an urn from a funeral home’s catalog, the family could place the ashes in a container that the deceased person was especially fond of. That might be a beautiful jewelry box or a favorite vase. The container should be placed somewhere safe where any accidental spilling will never occur, or the container should be securely closed or sealed.

Airborne Ashes

Some organizations offer to scatter a deceased person’s ashes from an airplane after the practical work by Cremation Services In Harrison OH has been completed. The family chooses the location, which could be a Pacific island, a national park, or a scenic valley in Europe. Another airborne possibility is to contact an organization that includes cremated ashes in shells in fireworks displays. A personalized fireworks show could be held after the memorial service.

Concluding Thoughts

Of course, not everyone wants to do something elaborate when a loved one passes away. A large number of possibilities are available, however. The decision does not have to be made immediately if someone in the family can keep the ashes at home for now.

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