Do you need a Social Security lawyer with an office in the Baltimore area?  Look no further than the Law Offices of Fred S. London, P.C.  Our Social Security lawyers are prepared to assist you in your claim for disability benefits.  We have helped thousands of people in the Baltimore area.  We want to help you obtain Social Security benefits too.

Our firm is experienced in all aspects of the Social Security process.  From the filing of the first application for benefits to winning your case before a Judge, our office has experience handling each and every step of the process.  Our kind and courteous staff is well trained in pulling together all the supporting evidence and proof essential to winning Social Security benefits.  We have also developed a familiarity with the processes of obtaining many types of Social Security and medical benefits.  Our experience can only help you in your effort to obtain Social Security disability benefits.

The best part about using the Law Offices of Fred S. London, P.C. is that there is no payment of lawyer fees unless you win your case.  As such, there is no charge for the initial consultation.  If you live in Baltimore and think you need an attorney with an office close to home, do not delay another moment.  Make an appointment with the Law Offices of Fred S. London, P.C., your full service Social Security disability law firm in Baltimore.

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