Properties for Sale in San Francisco Can Include Condominiums and Apartments

When you think about owning your home, you typically think of a house that is detached from other people. While many properties for sale in San Francisco can include houses and land where you build your own, you should also know that apartments and condominiums can also be owned.

Most people believe that apartments or condos can only be rented or leased, but many luxury models can be owned, though the idea is a little different.

Home Ownership

With home ownership, you own the entire home and usually the land that goes with it. In some cases, you may own a home and “rent” the land, but it comes down to the same thing. With home ownership, you can do anything you want to upgrade the home and property. You may plant flowers or shrubs, paint the inside and outside of the home, and make any kind of repair or remodel plans you wish.

Homes in subdivisions usually have certain rules that will apply, such as not painting the outside of the home a bright or different color, and you may be limited on the types of landscaping you choose. For example, many subdivisions do not allow yellow or red homes and won’t allow weeping willows or the cutting down of property trees without good reason.

Most properties for sale in San Francisco and other areas will require you to keep up with lawn maintenance, such as mowing and weed eating, and will also require you to pay for any repairs that must be done to the home, heating and cooling systems.

Condo or Apartment Ownership

Properties including apartments and condos for sale may also be owned, though they include different options than a home. You are still allowed to do almost any change inside the home, which can include painting walls and changing décor. You may be required to request permission to do these things, so pay attention to the contract you sign. You are allowed to change furniture and appliances when necessary or desired.

While you are not required to cut the lawn or weed eat, you are also not allowed to choose flower and shrub options in a San Francisco condo complex. However, you are allowed to have plants in your living space.

Animals are likely to be allowed in your house, but some apartments and condominiums do not allow pets, so find out for sure if you want to bring your furry friend.


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