Signs it’s Time for Vinyl Window Replacement in St Paul

A home’s windows allow its occupants to see outside, let light in throughout the year, and allow homeowners to let in cool breezes during the summer months. Vinyl windows are great at preventing thermal transfer, enhancing security, and improving the appearance of properties, but no windows last forever. Read on to find out about a few signs it’s time to look into vinyl window replacement in St Paul.

Noticeable Drafts

With temperatures dropping, some homeowners may notice that the air next to their windows is colder than it is in other areas of their homes. Some may even feel noticeable drafts or small gusts of wind. These are sure signs of a leaky window.

Unusually High Energy Bills

Even if homeowners don’t notice the temperature difference near their windows, air leaks or inefficient glass may still be causing them to pay more than necessary for their utilities. According to the Department of Energy’s Energy Star program, vinyl window replacement in St Paul can decrease homeowners’ heating and cooling bills by as much as 7-15%. This is especially true if the home’s windows are over a decade old.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Windows should open and close easily. When vinyl windows age, their frames sometimes become warped, leading them to stick. Homeowners who are sick of getting an unwanted workout from opening their windows should replace them.

Condensation Buildup

Double-paned windows are much more energy-efficient than their single-paned alternatives, but only if they’re providing an air-tight barrier. If condensation is building up between the panes, that indicates compromised seals or cracks in the window. Either way, it’s much easier and more affordable to replace the damaged window than it is to repair it.

Exterior Renovations

Homeowners remodeling their homes’ exteriors should consider adding window replacement to their to-do lists. Replacing the windows along with the doors will allow homeowners to purchase models that match their homes’ other features, creating a more unified appearance and improving their homes’ curb appeal.

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