Signs it’s Time for Door Screen Repair in St. Louis, MO

Screen doors provide relief in the hottest months of the year. They allow homeowners to open their houses up to cool breezes without worrying about opening them up to insects and other pests.

A damaged screen won’t be able to keep insects out very well, though. Even the highest-quality screens will eventually need repairs or replacements. Read on to find out about a few signs that it’s time to get in touch with a contractor for Door Screen Repair in St. Louis MO.

Visible Holes

If homeowners can see the holes in their door screens, bugs can also find them. They may be tempted to try fixing them with duct tape or other ineffective DIY measures, but this isn’t a good plan. It will only cause more damage over time and is unlikely to keep insects out for long.

Rust Spots

If there are rust spots around the sides of the screen or on a metal screen itself, homeowners should see them as a sure sign of trouble. If the frame is not substantially damaged, Door Screen Repair in St. Louis MO may be enough to solve the problem. If homeowners see substantial signs of rust damage, they may need to replace their screens entirely.

Improper Fit

Homeowners who attempt to repair their own screen doors may wind up with screens that don’t properly fit their frames. There’s no such thing as close enough when it comes to keeping insects out. If the door is showing signs of an improper fit such as visible gaps around the frame, excessive shaking in the wind, or unexplained bugs in the house, call a professional to have it fixed.

Old Age

Just like other components of modern homes, screen doors age with time. Most experts recommend having them replaced once every ten years, but it’s often possible to extend the lifespan of screens with regular repairs. Contractors can also use existing frames to install new screens if they are becoming old and brittle before their time.

Get Help Now

Want to have a screen door repaired or replaced but not sure who to call? Don’t resort to ineffective DIY fixes. Browse the website to learn more about one local company that will provide professional, long-lasting results today.

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