Shading and Other Things: What the Dentist Will Want to Discuss Before Getting Porcelain Veneers

Many people choose to invest in porcelain veneers because they make the smile more attractive. The right veneers can also help fill in small gaps and provide some amount of protection for the teeth. When choosing to go this route, it makes sense to talk with the dentist about the features of those veneers. Here are some of the matters that must be settled before the dental work gets underway.

The Shading

Several points need to be considered before selecting the ideal shade of white for the teeth. The first one has to do with what other dental work will be done in the next year or so. Assuming some of that work would reduce the staining on the teeth that will not be coated with the porcelain veneers, it makes sense to go with a shade that ultimately matches the rest of the teeth when that additional work is done.

If there is no staining and no plans for any type of further cosmetic dentistry, the goal is to match the shade of the rest of the teeth as closely as possible. Some dentists may recommend going slightly darker as a way to compensate for changes to the rest of the teeth over the next few years. The goal is to ensure that no one can tell that some teeth are covered with veneers and others are not.

The Translucent Qualities

Not everyone realizes that teeth are actually more translucent than a solid white. This becomes apparent if the veneers do not have a similar level of translucency. A dental professional will know how to ensure the veneers provide an appearance that is much like that of the rest of the teeth and not look flat instead of having the slight sheen that comes with being translucent.

There are other matters that the dentist will want to go over before starting work on the veneers. This is important, since the last thing the patient wants is to end up with teeth that are unnaturally white. Rest assured that the team at Lewis Family Dentistry knows what it will take to choose wisely and end up with a smile that’s natural and attractive. You can also follow them on Twitter.