Sewer Maintenance And Septic Services in Falls Church, VA

If you’re a homeowner and have your own septic system, it’s essential to keep your system properly maintained and regularly inspected so that it always works correctly. Septic system repairs can be expensive and an improperly maintained sewer can pose health hazards to your family. If you’re experiencing any problems with your septic tank, sewer or drain field, call the qualified septic services Falls Church, VA area professionals immediately.


The proper maintenance of your septic system is crucial so that it continually works as it should. Never put grease, oil, coffee grounds or food in your sink and wash it down the drain. Only flush toilet paper down the bathroom stool and never flush cigarette butts, paper towels, napkins or kitty litter. Try to avoid using too many harsh cleaners or bleach to clean your toilet bowl, as these chemicals are hard on your septic system. Do not pour paint, paint thinner, gasoline or pesticides down your sink drains or in the toilet, as these substances will destroy the bacteria that helps keep your system running smoothly.

Septic Tank Inspection

As part of your sewer system maintenance program, you should have a qualified technician for septic services in Falls Church, VA area, who will periodically come to your home to inspect your system. For an inspection, the technician will first locate the manhole and inspection ports. If you don’t have risers or access covers placed over the tank, the technician may have to dig in your yard to find it. Next, the technician may ask you to run water in the house and flush the toilets to ensure that the water coming from your house is going where it’s supposed to go. The technician will insert a tool into the inspection port to measure the sludge and scum levels. If the tank is over 1/3 full of sludge, then it’s time to have it pumped out. For the average household, it’s recommended that you have your septic tank pumped out once every three to five years. If there are several people living in your household, it may need to be pumped out more frequently. The technician will also inspect the tank for cracks and examine the condition of the drain field. Click here for more information.

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