An Introduction to Blow In Insulation in Wichita Falls, TX

Not all homeowners realize that there are many different kinds of insulation. The long, fiberglass rolls that are likely coming to mind constitute just one option, and they’re not necessarily the best option for every circumstance. Read on to find out about Blow In Insulation in Wichita Falls, TX, its common applications, and its benefits.

What is It?

Blow in insulation is also sometimes referred to as loose-fill insulation. Instead of coming in batts or rolls, it can be installed using a mechanical blower wherever required. Blow in insulation can be manufactured using several different materials ranging from fiberglass to recycled newspaper, although cellulose tends to be the most popular form of Blow In Insulation in Wichita Falls, TX.

Common Applications

Blow in insulation can be used just about anywhere that fiberglass installation can be installed. However, it is also a little bit more versatile than fiberglass in that it can be installed in irregularly shaped spaces. Common applications for blow in insulation include crawl spaces, wall cavities, and stud cavities, all of which would be inconvenient for traditional fiberglass installation.

Advantages of Blow In Insulation

Cellulose insulation is flame-retardant, just like fiberglass. It’s also quite versatile. A wide variety of R-Values are available, and since it doesn’t come in rolls, it can be installed even in difficult to reach spaces with ease.

Blow in insulation is also quick to install, which means lower costs of labor. This helps to offset its slightly higher price. Plus, it’s typically made from recycled materials and only minimal chemical intervention is required to ensure maximum heat retention and fire and water resistance, which makes it a comparatively green form of insulation, as well.

How It’s Installed

Homeowners shouldn’t attempt to install a blow in insulation themselves unless they’ve received dedicated training on how to use the mechanical blowers and other equipment that’s required for proper installation. Instead, they should find an insulation company that offers not just blow in insulation installation but also other insulation products so that they’ll have the maximum number of options at their disposal. Visit Superior Thermal Solutions online to learn about one company that can help or call to schedule an inspection today.

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