Sclerotherapy; A Non-Invasive Way To Treat Spider And Varicose Veins

For anyone that suffers from varicose or spider veins, they may dread the thought of having surgery to remove the bulging vessels from their body. Whether they have them on their face, hands, or legs spider and varicose veins can be disruptive to a person’s life. From the discomfort the swollen vessels cause or their appearance, a non-invasive solution is available with the right vein clinic in Chicago. A skilled professional can help reduce or eliminate the unsightly vessels from their clients’ body without the need for invasive surgery that can leave behind scars.

Advantages of Sclerotherapy

    *   Sclerotherapy is a treatment that can be administered in the doctor’s office by using sclerostin solution administered into the veins with a fine needle to lighten the vessels.
    *   Recovery time for Sclerotherapy is faster and does not cause a big impact on a person’s life who receives the treatment.
    *   The process can be completed within a few minutes at a vein clinic in Chicago.
    *   There is minimal or no pain that lasts for a very short time.
    *   Patients who receive this treatment do not have to stay overnight in the hospital.
    *   More cost-effective than having surgery completed to remove the bulging vessels.
    *   Clients will have smoother, unblemished legs after receiving their treatment.

Consult with a Specialist Today to Learn More Information About Non-Invasive Treatments

Veins Without Surgery offers two techniques that do not require surgery to remove varicose and spider veins on their clients. Their skilled team can provide Sclerotherapy and Nd: YAG laser treatments to control the number of swollen veins in their legs, hands, or face. Why should you live with the unsightly blemishes when an affordable and convenient treatment is available? Consult with an expert on how you can benefit from one or both treatments to relieve your discomfort and improve the circulation of blood in your body.  Go to visit website for detailed information. Please follow our Twitter page.

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