Safe, Reversible and Non-invasive: Lip Enhancement Remains an Excellent Choice for a First Procedure

The same injectable dermal fillers that reduce lines around the face and fill out sagging skin can also plump up the lips. It is a fast procedure with very few complications. The filler lasts for several months and dissolves naturally. This makes it a great initial cosmetic procedure for people that worry about how they will feel about the final result.

  • The filler is added where the client wants more fullness. It can go in the top or bottom, in both lips or used to fill the center or edges of the lips.
  • The client chooses how full they want their lips to become with the treatment. Very large pouty lips only happen when it is what someone requests.
  • Additional injections to reverse the treatment are available. The reversal injection is an enzyme that dissolves the filler. It is safe and no more painful than having the initial injection.
  • A second session is possible if the final look is not dramatic enough. This is a good option for anyone that feels insecure about the process.

Most women want a Lip Enhancement that looks natural. This is why it is important to review before and after photos from previous clients and not just stock photos advertising the filler. Where the technician injects the filler and how much is added determines the final result. Having a doctor that listens to the preferences of their patients and is skilled enough to know how to make it happen is the only way people can feel confidant that they will get the look they want.

Dermal injections will cause temporary redness and swelling at the injection site. The improvement to the lips is immediate, but the swelling will add to the volume temporarily. Both the discoloration and swelling will be gone in a couple of days. A small percentage of people also experience a slight amount of bruising around the lips during a Lip Enhancement. Allergic reactions, infections and discomfort after the appointment are very rare. The entire process is easier and more successful when completed by an experienced team like the one at visit website. Contact them to learn more about dermal fillers or to schedule an appointment.

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