Fear Of Dentists? – How About Sleep Dentistry?

For many adults (and some children), the thought of going to their dentist makes them tense up, worry, and ultimately make themselves sick. If you have similar feelings, you’re not alone. However, the importance of seeing your dentist is paramount, so you’ve now got more options. In the past, you had to resign yourself to the fact that you were going to be uncomfortable, possibly embarrassing yourself if you cried or panicked. Now, however, sleep dentistry has come to the rescue for thousands of fearful patients at Hills Dental Care.

What Is It?

Sleep or sedation dentistry means that you are given anaesthesia before the procedure so that you can relax and remain calm. It should be noted that for some people, the effects do not actually put you to sleep, but you feel no pain and are relaxed during the entire process. This procedure works best for people who are scared to go to the dentist, for whatever reason.

Why Consider It?

If you find yourself cancelling appointments or ignoring friendly reminders for appointments, you likely have a fear of the dentist. It’s imperative to still keep appointments, so your teeth look and feel their best. If you are experiencing pain or know you have a dental problem, sleep dentistry can make it more relaxing to have the work done. Likewise, the dentist may be able to do the procedure more quickly because you don’t need to be cajoled or talked into it.

Who Is The Best Candidate?

Anyone who has high anxiety when going to the dentist may be an excellent candidate for sleep dentistry. Likewise, it can also work well for people with sensitive teeth or hearing, and those with medical conditions, such as a severe gag reflex or Cerebral Palsy.

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