Safe and Fun Group Travel: Charter Bus Service in Chicago, IL

If you have ever traveled with a large group and attempted to coordinate several vehicles, you understand how difficult it can be. Dividing everyone into multiple vehicles also makes it impossible for everyone to interact and enjoy the trip together. That is why charter buses are a great solution.

Whether you are looking to go a short distance or across the country, a charter bus can make it all possible hassle free. They can also be used to get you all to the airport and back safely, easily and on time.

Charter buses also take all the worry out of driving in busy traffic or on unfamiliar streets. No more pouring over maps or stopping at every gas station for new directions. With a charter bus, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride while your skilled driver takes care of everything.

This is a great opportunity as well for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties or any other celebratory event which involves drinking. No more choosing a designated driver who does not get to enjoy the party; you will have already hired one with your charter bus.

If you have been looking for a Charter Bus Service in Chicago, IL, one of your options is Across Town Charter. They have buses available for both large groups and small gatherings, so you will not waste money hiring out more vehicles than you need. Even better, you will not get to the station and discover the bus is not large enough for everyone.

They accept short trips, multiple locations and long distance travel. They offer affordable rates and have dispatch services 24 hours a day. They can be hired as a charter bus service in Chicago, IL to lead you through the city for a group tour, going on whatever pre-selected route you have chosen.

All of the buses at Across Town Charter have plush, comfortable seating and are kept immaculately clean. They all have central air condition and heating, so your group will always be comfortable. Stop waiting on public transportation, losing half of your group along the way or worrying about traveling on unfamiliar highways. Make the smart choice and hire Charter Bus.

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