Roofing Restoration in Schiller Park can Protect any Building

The roof of a building is an important aspect of its structure. It provides strength to support the walls and a way to keep out the elements. This is why keeping the roof in great shape is extremely important. Even something as simple as a leak around roofing details such as attic vents or flashing can result in serious problems. This is partly due to the fact that the decking used to cover the rafters is made from man-made materials such as plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Under normal circumstance, these products function quite well, but when water soaks into the wood fibers, it causes them to swell and destroy the bond between the wood and resin which the decking is made from. Roofing Restoration in Schiller Park can eliminate this situation by replacing the damaged decking and eliminating the leak.

Another problem that many homes deal with is cheap roofing products. Asphalt roofing is a very budget friendly material, but when low-grade products are used, the roof can deteriorate much sooner than expected. The typical service life for average grade asphalt roofing is about fifteen years. At this point, the shingles should be drying out and curling. This sort of damage can allow water to seep under the shingles and damage the supporting wood. The solution is to replace the old roofing with something more durable.

It is possible to use asphalt shingles for Roofing Restoration in Schiller Park and still get a decent service life from the product. Higher quality shingles have an estimated service life of twenty-five years. A better option might be composite shingles. These thick shingles are made from multiple layers and were first created to simulate a slate roof. The primary benefit for most homeowners is longevity. Composite shingles are often warranted for the life of the home. If asphalt seems a little boring, then it might be time to consider steel roofing. The typical steel product is a thin material that is coated with galvanizing to reduce corrosion. Certain variations may be covered with an alloy of zinc and aluminum for better resistance. Best of all, Full System Guarantees are available for the restoration.

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