Roofing in Gig Harbor: Installation and Repairs of Roofing and Gutter Features on a Home

When people think about hiring a Roofing in Gig Harbor, they typically think about someone who will come out and repair or replace the roof on their home or business. However, many times, roofers offer many other services. One such service that many roofing companies provide are gutter installation and repairs. What most homeowners don’t know about is the importance of a gutter system on a home and why an inadequate or broken gutter system should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Convenience Isn’t all a Gutter System Provides

Gutters help to channel water that runs off the roof of a home away from a home. This may be convenient, but it is important to understand that convenience isn’t the only benefit to a gutter system. In fact, it’s a very small byproduct of a much greater service that gutters provide for homes.

Avoiding the Soil Absorption of Excessive Moisture

A great deal of moisture is absorbed into the ground during a heavy rainstorm. Fortunately, most soil that surrounds houses can adequately handle this moisture. However, when excess water falling off of a roof isn’t properly channeled away, this excess water can fall on the soil surrounding a house and this increased moisture may be difficult for the soil to properly absorb and dissipate.

Attacking the Structural Support of a Home Foundation

When this happens, the soil can become overly saturated, causing foundation issues. For homes with basements, this is often one of the biggest causes of a leaky basement or a basement with high humidity issues. For slab foundations, the moisture can cause the soil underneath the slab to become soft, allowing the slab to dip, shift and to crack. All of this can lead to significant structural issues that could threaten the very existence of a home itself.

Understanding the importance of the gutter system may bring a bit more significance to regularly cleaning out your gutters. If the gutter system isn’t working properly because it has deteriorated or parts of the system are broken, you may want to contact a company that handles Roofing in Gig Harbor to inquire as to whether they provide gutter services. If they do, it would be in your best interest and the best interest of your home to have them come out, inspect the gutter system, and make the necessary repairs.

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