Reviewing Options for Cash Bail in Greene County, NY

In New York, some criminal defendants have access to a bail bond after they are arraigned. The judge sets a bail amount depending on the crime the defendant is accused of committing. Reviewing options for cash bail in Greene County, NY helps the defendant understand what choices they have.

Getting a Bail Bond

A bail bond reduces the total amount paid by the defendant. It is provided at a percentage that is no more than fourteen per cent of the bail. Criminal defendants who don’t have the resources to pay their full bail tend to choose this option most often.

Paying for a Surety Bond

A surety bail requires the full bail. The bondsman provides the surety bond once all fees are paid by the defendant or their representative. It doesn’t require any investment by the bail bondsman. It doesn’t present any financial liability for the bondsman if the defendant doesn’t appear in court.

What Conditions Apply?

The terms of the defendant’s release dictate all conditions that apply. The judge explains the conditions to the defendant and their attorney. The correctional officers explain the terms during out-processing. If the defendant doesn’t follow the terms, they are subject to a new arrest. Any additional conditions are explained, such as a protection order and any potential new charges that are applied against the defendant. If bail is revoked, it is unlikely that the defendant will get released again until after their trial.

Can the Bondsman Help the Defendant?

The bondsman can negotiate with the judge if the defendant doesn’t have any prior criminal history. They can also help the defendant get to court dates whenever they don’t have a ride. The bondsman can also assist the defendant if they are arrested on different charges under certain circumstances.

In New York, criminal defendants are released from county lockup after they have paid bail or purchased a bail bond. A bonding agent helps defendants make choices about how to get out of jail with the fewest repercussions. Criminal defendants that want to learn more about cash bail in Greene County, NY can visit us to learn about their options right now.

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