Restoring A Persian Rug In New York City

Nothing makes a home more beautiful than a colorful persian or oriental rug. They’re especially lovely on hardwood floors. Individuals who own an authentic rug have a real treasure. However, it’s difficult to keep the rugs in pristine condition as they age.

The Golden Horn is known for its rug restoration and cleaning services. If you own an authentic Persian Rug in New York City, they’ll maintain it for you. People who work with oriental rugs see each one as a masterpiece. These are skilled artisans who work in the rug business, mainly because their ancestors did.

Your rug can be repaired even if it has water, fire or moth damage. There’s also service available if your rug has holes in it, and needs repair. It takes a lot of work to repair a Persian rug in New York City. Sometimes, a restoration can take two months or longer.

All rugs are cleaned thoroughly before any repair work is done. The first phase of repairing an oriental rug is reweaving. The craftsman have to use wool that’s the same age as the carpet. They gather wool from a supply of antique textiles. The wool is custom-dyed to match colors for restoration. Only natural dyes are used. They’re made by hand from plants and minerals.

The next step is removing dead pile from the rug. The pile gets worn from use, after so many years. The carpet will have to be replied. Some restorations are so time consuming that the price, for restoration, is more than the value of the rug. In this case, the company gives you the option of having the rug repaired in Turkey. Restorations in Turkey are 50 to 80 percent cheaper than in the U.S.

The craftsman shear any excess wool left behind, The last step in restoring your rug is pressing it with a heavy iron. Other services provided include storage, stain removal, moth treatment and odor removal. This family of craftsman have been in business for almost one hundred years. They can be trusted to make your antique rug look new again. The company also sells new and antique rugs.

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