Maintaining Quality of Life with Assisted Living in Camp Hill, PA

There has always been an argument of quality and quantity of life. The question is of which is more important has been bantered for years. The best option is to try to maintain both. Assisted Living in Camp Hill, PA can help to achieve this.

Life is more enjoyable when one has at least some control over it. This freedom is a need for every person. As health fades and age takes its toll, this freedom to enjoy life, becomes more limited. Sometimes, even small tasks become difficult. Injuries and health risks can increase. This is often the main factor in deciding to place a loved one in a nursing facility. The person wants to extend the quantity of life for their loved one. However, this option can limit a person’s freedom to enjoy their life. It can limit their ability to do things they like to do. It also removes much of their personal space.

The other side of this is to let the person continue as they are. This lets them enjoy their personal freedoms. This gives a better quality of life, by letting their loved one decide what is best for them. This can be difficult to just let someone be. Especially if, they are unable to do much of the tasks needed to live on their own. This can increase the risks to their health and lives. It can also diminish their quantity of life.

There is an option to help bring a balance to both. Organizations, such as Visiting Angels, can assist with many of the daily tasks a person needs. A person can be available to assist the loved one with the chores and things that may increase risks of injury. They can also be available for supervision purposes. Having someone checking in, from time to time, can ensure the loved one isn’t in need of medical help. This can help to increase a person’s quantity without decreasing their quality of life. A person visiting on a regular basis can also be beneficial to the quality, by decreasing isolation and depression.

Although assisted living in Camp Hill PA isn’t always an option, it can be a great benefit for many. This can keep a loved one in their home longer. It can also help them to enjoy their life more fully.

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