Residential Fencing Materials To Consider

A fence provides a number of different purposes. There are a large variety in type of fence to meet those needs. As well as different styles, there are different construction materials that are available. The primary materials used are wood, vinyl and iron. Each of these have specific pros and cons for specific applications.


Wood is a very versatile material. It can be used for a number of different styles including privacy. There are a number of different finishes such as paint or stain. This allows the fence to merge well with most existing designs. However, it does require a lot of ongoing maintenance to keep it looking great.


Vinyl is a rather new material in fence construction. It provides a lot of the versatility in design that you can’t get from wood. It is much more resilient to the weather than wood and requires much less maintenance. The upfront material cost for vinyl is significantly higher than wood although that cost can be offset over time.


Wrought iron fences are used to create a very defined style. For example, a number of brick buildings would look very prestigious with a wrought iron fence in Chicago. It is not generally used in applications where you are looking to gain privacy. The use of iron as a fence material provides more security than wood or vinyl. Iron is very durable however does require some maintenance over time.

Making your Decision

When you go to make your decision on what type of material to use in your fence, it is important to think of what key aspects you want to create. Wood and vinyl are very versatile in design. There are some trade-offs in upfront costs and maintenance costs between the two materials. Iron is great for security and specific style but is not preferred for privacy applications. A contracting company specializing in fencing will take you through detailed information on to assist your decision.

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