Make beautiful gumpaste flower art with floral wire

If you are a baker, you have likely come across floral wire in your search
for tools and materials. Floral wire is ideal for creating gumpaste flower
art that really stands out. Whether you are looking for the right materials
to make a graduation cake, wedding cake, or birthday cake, you can get the
best results by using top quality floral wire to make beautiful sugar
flowers. By inserting florist wire into your petals and leaves, you can
create life-like sugar flowers and the end results will be well worth the

Choose the right gauge

When it comes to selecting floral wire, one of the things to keep in mind
is choosing just the right gauge of floral wire. There are different gauges
which stand for the thickness of the wire and in some cases it also refers
to the strength. You can also buy the right length of floral wire and if it
is too long, you can always cut it down a little in size. Selecting the
right thickness will facilitate you in making perfect gumpaste flower art
for your needs. When choosing the gauge, it is helpful to keep in mind that
higher gauges represent floral wire that is thinner and the lower gauges
are for thicker wire.

Get the right amount of floral wire

If you anticipate making sugar flowers, it is recommended that you purchase
the standard 50 count package. You can use just what you need and conserve
the rest for a later date. When you purchase from a trusted supplier who
will ship your items quickly, you can definitely get the smaller size and
then order more as needed.

Its best to choose floral wire that has been approved as food safe and that is properly protected and wrapped by the paper outer covering. This will ensure that no metal seeps into the food.

At NY Cake, you can find a wide array of different floral wire in varying gauges. Visit them online to place your secure order. You can also visit us at Facebook for more information.

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