Replace One or More Missing Teeth With a Dental Implant In Fargo ND

One of the most common reasons for people to visit the dentist is to improve their smile. This may be simply for cosmetic purposes or the alignment of their teeth. However, not all dental procedures are that benign. For instance, an extraction may be required to remove a damaged tooth, but this can leave the patient with a gap in their teeth. This situation can affect the way the person bites or chews. Even worse, a gap in the teeth will allow the other teeth to shift position and results in crooked and uneven teeth. The solution for this problem is a Dental Implant In Fargo ND.

A dental implant is basically a false root. That is, the dentist will place an anchor made from titanium or other inert material into the jawbone. As the wound heals, the jawbone grips the anchor to help secure it. Under normal circumstances, it should take about six months for the wound in the bone to heal properly. Once this is done, the dentist can cover the implant with a custom crown. The new tooth will be shaped to fit the space as required while still blending in with the surrounding teeth.

Another possible use for a Dental Implant In Fargo ND is to secure a prosthesis in place. This is a custom device used when more than one tooth is missing. For example, a bridge is commonly used when two or more teeth have been extracted. However, this requires some shaping of the surrounding teeth so that the bridge can be securely cemented in place. Using one or more implants allows the bridge to fit tightly without damaging any surrounding teeth.

One possible problem with dental implants is the stress they apply to the jawbone itself. To avoid this problem, the dentist will check the density of the bone and determine if grafting is required. A graft is an overlay of bone tissue on the area where the implant will be placed. Adding extra bone material creates additional strength and avoids the problem of breakage due to excess stress when biting or chewing. Get more information about implants by visiting the website at You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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