Repair Your Oral Health Using Dental Implants in Queens NY

There are numerous procedures that a dentist can perform to improve your smile and keep your teeth healthy, but sometimes they aren’t enough. A person can lose teeth under different circumstances such as an accident or as the result of violence, or they may have health problems that cause the teeth to decay prematurely. Another reason for tooth loss is extraction.
A dentist may extract one or more teeth which have developed caries (cavities) or may need to remove broken teeth, overly large teeth or other physical problems. Unfortunately, this results in gaps in the teeth that need to be filled. This is important because the existing teeth will shift to fill in the new space. The process for this is known as Dental Implants Queens NY.

A dental implant uses an inert material, usually titanium or hard plastic, for the stud. This material is securely placed into the jawbone through a minor surgical procedure which is then allowed to heal. This means that the jawbone needs the proper mass for the implant to be successful. This isn’t always the case so the dentist may suggest bone grafts to build up the jaw. This latter process is a little involved, but it can add a lot of strengths when Dental Implants Queens NY are necessary.

One advantage of a dental implant is the fact that it is visually undetectable from a real tooth. This is due to the porcelain crown that is placed on top of the stud. The crown is positioned so that some gum material covers the base of the crown for function and realism. Another thing that makes them virtually invisible is the porcelain of the crown is tinted to match the existing teeth, and the crown is shaped to closely fit the space.

There is at least one other use for Dental Implants Queens NY. They are the best way to secure certain dental appliances such as bridges or dentures. A dental appliance that has been secured through implants is not likely to move which improves both your bite and chewing capabilities. Plus, secured dental appliances can improve the way you speak and your confidence. If you are thinking about dental implants, then it is time to contact an expert like Northern Plaza Dental Care in Queens NY.

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