Concepts Which Require An Elder Lawyer In Annapolis, MD

Maryland laws protect the elderly and prevent outsiders from taking advantage of them. With these laws are opportunities for seniors to make distinctions about their future care and how their assets are used. Additionally, these laws protect seniors from abuse.

Provisions in Estate Planning

As seniors plan their future care, they make provisions to protect their interests. Through these strategies, they outline concepts such as which doctor they wish to see and whether they want to initiate their rights through a living will. They can also identify a family member to act as their guardian, if they become incapacitated.

These plans stop others from stepping in and seizing their assets unethically. A power of attorney provides the guardian identified by the senior to manage their finances and use their property. However, the senior can apply certain conditions to this authority. For example, the individual cannot sell their property or use it in any way that goes against the senior’s wishes. If you wish to start an estate plan, you should consult an Elder Lawyer in Annapolis MD.

Nursing Home Abuse

Elder laws protect senior from abuse. These laws prevent nursing-home staff from neglecting and abusing the senior. These laws allow families to ensure their senior loved ones acquire the highest quality of care in a safe environment. The same laws protect seniors in an in-home care situation as well. They prevent nursing-home staff and family members from abusing the senior, when they are incapable of taking care of themselves.

Preventing Guardianship Claims

Too often family members wish to take advantage of seniors as they age. Elder laws require anyone seeking to become the guardian of a senior to provide evidence to support their claim. The senior can fight back by providing their own evidence that disproves the claim.

Elder laws encompass a wide spectrum of occurrences, which affect the lives of seniors. They also protect the seniors against unethical practices of insurance companies and doctors. The laws enforce provisions, which outline quality of care, the right to dignity, and protection from abuse. If you are a senior and your rights have been violated, you should hire an Elder Lawyer in Annapolis MD to represent you. You can visit or their Facebook page for more information.

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