Relocating On A Budget: Tips From Top Moving Services In Nashville

Hiring moving services in Nashville may be a challenge for individuals with a limited budget to manage the move. If you are moving, you don’t have to try to struggle with renting a truck and doing the move on your own. There are several ways cut down on the costs and bring the move into the range of most budgets.

Of course, when hiring moving services last minute the options for cost savings are going to be reduced. On the other hand, if you have the time to consider the options and choose specific moving dates it is possible to lower the cost considerably and perhaps even find additional services as part of a sale or off-season moving package.

Off-Peak Seasonal Moves

All moving services are going to be busiest over the summer months of June, July and August as families try to move after school ends and before the next year starts.

Often the moving companies in Nashville, as well as in other areas, offer discounts or incentives for people moving outside of these times. This can include moving discounts for the middle of the week or even when moving between Thanksgiving and Christmas, often the slowest time of the year for moving services.

It is worth asking the moving company about the costs for different times for the move if there is flexibility possible in the dates.

Eliminate Heavy and Large Items

Since moving services charge by the weight of the items loaded on the truck, eliminating heavy items and bulky items can reduce the cost of the move, often dramatically.

Big items such as appliances, dining room sets, hide-a-beds and even bedroom suites may be sold and then new furniture purchased at your destination. Any additional furniture, collections of books or old clothes and toys can all be donated or sold to lower the cost of the move.

Pack Yourself

It is always convenient to have moving services in Nashville manage all the packing in the home. This is a cost plus service over and above the moving estimate, and it is something that the individual or family can do on their own to reduce costs.

The best moving services will provide information, tips and packing advice, and they can always be hired to pack specific items while you do the rest. This can be a great compromise to protect your valuable items while also saving on the total cost.

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