Get Rid Of The Rats: Call For Rat Control In St. Paul

Rats! If a homeowner suspects rats have moved into their home, many will feel a shiver up their spine and have to resist the urge to run from their house, never to return again. There are a few signs that rats may have moved in. The homeowner may notice small pellet-like droppings on the floors, on the counters, or in the bathroom. They may clean them up only to have them return the very next day. At night, when it’s quiet in the house, there may be a scurrying noise in the attic or in the walls. Sometimes, there may be actual holes chewed in food boxes in the pantry or left on the counter. There may even be evidence that food was chewed on. For example, a loaf of bread or a bag of cookies may have bite marks. If any of these signs are present, chances are good that rats have moved in.

If this is the situation, it’s imperative to act quickly. It’s recommended to contact a pest control company that handles rat control in St. Paul instead of trying the Do-It-Yourself methods. The pest control company has an experienced team that knows the best approach in rodent control to minimize any damage that may be done to the home or property if the rats aren’t removed right away. It’s easy to find a company that specializes in rat control online. Websites such as offers contact information and additional information on rodent control on their web page. Most companies offer same day service, as they understand the panic most homeowners feel when a rodent infestation is discovered.

The first step in rat control is to determine where their entrance is to the home. Then, before sealing it off set traps for the rodents in the home. Most companies that specialize in rat control in St. Paul uses live traps and come daily to check and empty them. Poisons are not recommended, as nobody wants to deal with the stench of a dead rat in the walls. When the rats are eliminated, the entry location will be blocked and repaired so no additional rats or rodents can return. Rats can spread disease and do much damage in a short amount of time. Don’t wait. Call right away to get rid of the new, not-so-nice neighbors: the rats.

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