Reasons to Consider the Idea of Implant Dentistry in Commack, NY

There is no getting around the fact that the teeth have to go. The only choices the patient should consider now are dentures or dental implants. Of the two, opting for Implant Dentistry in Commack NY is likely to be the better option. Assuming that the dentist has already confirmed that implants are an option, it pays to look at the benefits this approach will provide. Here are a few examples.

Improved Appearance

Many people choose Implant Dentistry in Commack, NY because of the natural look of the implants. Once the work is complete, it’s virtually impossible to tell an implant from a natural tooth. Once the work is done, and the healing is complete, no one will know the difference unless the patient chooses to share the information.

Ease of Maintenance

Much of the effort needed to maintain dental implants is similar to the tasks associated with keeping natural teeth in good shape. That includes brushing and using mouthwash when necessary. The patient will still see a dentist for an annual checkup and arrange for at least one cleaning per calendar year. This is in contrast to taking care of denture plates, which can be a bit more involved.


Dental implants are intended to be a more or less permanent solution. With proper care, they will last for the rest of the patient’s life. Compare that to the need to have dental plates altered after a few years and, eventually, having to arrange for a new set. While it is true that implants cost more up front, they easily pay for themselves over the years.

The decision of what to do when the real teeth need to go should not be made in haste. It pays to consider all options and ensure the final choice is one that will provide the patient with the widest range of benefits.  Feel free to schedule an appointment and ask any questions that come to mind. It will not take long to come up with the right solution and be happy with the choice for years to come.

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