Building a Home from Shipping Containers in Tacoma Wa

Built to tolerate ocean voyages and extreme weather, Shipping Containers in Tacoma Wa are a fairly economical choice when it comes to creating a recycled home. A standard shipping container is used for less than ten years. Because of this fact, there are over twenty-five million shipping containers waiting for a new life. By stacking several, you can create unique homes with multiple stories and many rooms.

For anyone who wants to be more ecologically aware, live with less disorder and construct a budget conscious, modern home, a shipping container structure is for you. There are also several other concrete attributes to life in a shipping container home. Your home requires very little upkeep and is fire-resistant. You can situate a container home practically anywhere and transport it to a new location easily should the need arise.

Try to track down Shipping Containers in Tacoma Wa made from Cor-Ten Steel. These will survive the longest and hold out against extreme weather and corrosion. A good shipping container can be purchased for as little as two thousand dollars. The basic container is eight feet wide and eight and a half feet tall. They come in two choices of length, either twenty or forty feet. It is vital to make sure your container was never sprayed with strong insecticides or used to transport harmful or toxic chemicals. For your own safety, be certain to do careful research on the history of the shipping container that might become your home.

On the positive side, a shipping container makes a first-rate disaster refuge. They can withstand hurricanes or tornadoes with up to one hundred mile per hour wind speeds. Firmly strapped down, a container can sustain wind gusts closer to two hundred miles per hour. Also a shipping container will never crumple due to any seismic activity.

However, things are rarely so easy and creating a home made of shipping containers still comes with challenges. You have to make sure to properly insulate against heat and cold. It is also important to get the advice of an architect who can advise you about where to place doors and windows, as well as the best placement for plumbing for kitchens and bathrooms. Overall, a shipping container home can be easy on the environment and easy for you.

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