Reasons Having Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning in Mesa is Important

Living in many areas of Arizona means you must rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside. Because of this, having a system for Air Conditioning in Mesa that is working at its best is important. One way to make sure your system will be able to handle the hotter months of the year is by calling a technician to inspect and maintain the unit at least once a year.

Generally, it is a good idea to contact a technician from a company who services Air Conditioning in Mesa during the late months of winter or early months of spring. By calling during this time, you will often be able to avoid the busier time of the year for the company and this may make it easier to schedule an appointment.

When the technician first begins working on your system, he or she will generally start with the indoor unit. This is where the blower is housed and it can attract a lot of dirt, hair and other particles. The technician will often clean the unit by using a heavy-duty vacuum. Grilles and vents on the unit will be checked and dirt removed with a stiff brush. The air filter will generally be replaced as well.

Once the unit is cleaned, it will be much easier for the technician to evaluate the condition of the components on your system for Air Conditioning in Mesa. The motor, fan and fan belt are attached to the unit and will need to be inspected for signs of damage, burn marks or other issues. If there are problems, the component may need to be repaired or replaced before the system can be used again.

In addition to cleaning the inside unit, the technician will also spend time cleaning the unit, which is outside of the home. The housing on this unit generally can become dirty with trash, grass and other assorted waste from the yard. This will need to be removed before the unit can be opened. The coils and fins on the compressor/condenser unit will then need to be cleaned. Visit website for more information.

Keeping your air conditioning system in good working order is essential when you live in Mesa. If you need assistance with your unit, please contact the professionals at Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc.

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