Questions to Ask Before Applying for An MBBS In Kazakhstan

There are several countries in Eastern Europe and Asia that offer MBBS programs. These countries actively market their program to students in India who will be ineligible through NEET or who may not have the financial ability to attend an Indian university.

One of the programs that is marketing directly to Indian students is an MBBS in Kazakhstan. While these programs are often less expensive than an MBBS in India or in the USA, there are some potential issues that students need to be aware of before submitting an application.

The Quality of the Degree

Earning an MBBS in Kazakhstan is not the same as earning an MBBS in the Caribbean at a CAAM-HP accredited university. Few graduates from these programs earn a spot in a PG in the USA or India, which limits the opportunities for future work in the medical field.

In addition, some of the universities and colleges offering the MBBS in Kazakhstan are not offering state-of-the-art labs, medical facilities, and equipment, which can impact their performance in the PG.

Program Graduate Success

Top medical universities provide information on the placement of their graduates. Asking for this information and reviewing where medical doctors graduating from the MBBS program found employment and PG positions is essential.

It is also important to ask about the cost of the program, scholarship opportunities for students, and logistical questions such as class size. Other factors such as accommodations on campus, cost of living off-campus, and additional fees for the program should also be reviewed prior to the application.

Before considering an MBBS in Kazakhstan, talk to Zordha Education about the benefits of an MBBS at Spartan Health Sciences University in the Caribbean. To learn more, see us.

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