Details About What You Could Expect During a Tooth Extraction in Phoenix

Common reasons for a tooth extraction include an infection or a broken tooth. If you’ve never had this type or procedure before, here are a few things that you can expect so that you’re a bit more comfortable before arriving at your appointment.


There are a few different ways that your oral surgeon can make you comfortable during a tooth extraction in Phoenix, AZ. One way is with nitrous oxide. This is given through a gas mask placed over your nose. Another option is IV sedation. Numbing medication is usually placed on your gums before your tooth is extracted so that you’re comfortable after surgery.


If the tooth has broken through the gums, then it can usually be pulled with special tools. It will likely need to be wiggled a bit and then lifted out. Gauze might be used to help control any bleeding that occurs. If the tooth is impacted or severely broken, then your gums will probably need to be cut in order to remove the tooth. This typically requires a stitch or two to help the incision heal.


When you go home, you should eat soft foods for a few days until you’re comfortable eating solid foods again. Avoid drinking from a straw to prevent a dry socket from forming. Warm heat can be applied to the side of your face to help with swelling after a tooth extraction in Phoenix, AZ. Try to rest as much as possible for the first few days to allow your mouth to heal.

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