Quality Windshield Replacement In Columbus OH

The windshields in cars, trucks and any other type of road vehicle are a great example of mankind’s ingenuity. Horse drawn vehicles did not usually travel fast enough for the rush of air (often laden with dust or insects) to totally impair the driver’s abilities. Rain and snow could be a problem but, since the driver was often a servant or lowly employee, no one bothered too much.

Henry Ford and others changed all that, not only were horseless carriages going faster; they were no longer the preserve of the rich. More and more people were driving automobiles and they were demanding comfort; including protection from the wind and elements. Glass windows were an obvious solution but, glass breaks easily and broken glass is sharp and dangerous.

Laminated Safety Glass

In relatively short order, motor vehicles were being supplied complete with windows of so called “safety glass”; laminated glass was the type most used. The lamination is a transparent polymer layer sandwiched between two sheets of glass so that, in the event of the glass shattering, the interlay holds the pieces together causing a spider’s web pattern. Any pieces that do fall free are small and without jagged or pointed sharp edges. The windshield is the auto glass most at risk but all vehicle windows are now made from safety glass.

Windshield – Replacement Or Repair?

If you are unfortunate enough to receive damage to your windshield, it is theoretically possible to have it repaired – but, only if the damage is very minor. In most cases, you will need car windshield replacement in Columbus, OH and, for your own safety, you need to make sure that the replacement screen is of the correct quality. This does not stop at making sure the laminated safety glass used meets all necessary standards; you also need to be sure that the people doing the fitting are suitably trained and certified.

Not only must the new screen be the correct size and shape for the vehicle; it must also be securely fitted into place. The laminated glass has to be bonded to the vehicle – effectively “glued” in place. Special adhesives are used for this and they require time to cure (i.e. set) this is covered by what is known as SDAT or safe drive away time which is how long you must wait after the screen has been fitted until it is safe to drive the vehicle away. Visit Website Domain to know more.

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