Quality Continental Tires In Las Vegas, NV

A continental tire is an external, upright, mounted spare tire that is behind an automobile’s trunk. The term Continental tire is also used to describe a non-functioning bulge that is stamped into the trunk lid or just an accessory to the back of the car appearing as a spare tire mount. This type of pre-mounted spare tire and wheel combo was typically seen on early automobiles. When people hear the term continental tire, they may automatically picture an antique car. Contrary to belief, they do still exist today. Continental tires in Las Vegas NV can be found at CMC Tire.

With two locations, CMC Tire has been serving their customers in the truck, mining, and construction tire industry for 20 years. They guarantee that their customers will receive world class service. Some people think that the tire industry has a lack of professionalism and overall service, but the CMC team brings everything to the table that their competitors don’t. Good old fashion friendliness, top quality products, and excellent professional work are just a few of their main priorities. They also provide the highest quality service for commercial fleet, mining equipment, and construction fleet among other services as well.

When it comes to safety, they take a proactive approach to make that their primary concern. They are highly committed to avoiding accidents and safety on the customers job site by using the appropriate tire handling, tooling equipment, and company protocols. Their company vehicles also comply with all state and federal safety and construction requirements.

This company is a Continental tire dealer representing the Continental Tire product itself. Not all tire companies continue to offer the Continental brand. This specific brand may be hard to come by in certain locations. However, CMC will continue to offer their customers the Continental Tires in Las Vegas NV as well as their other location. For more information, click here to visit their website. Whether it’s an over the road or mining need, they will be able to help and all at an affordable price, but most importantly they want their customers to drive away satisfied and safe.

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