Qualities of a Good Orthodontist

If you think you need to visit an orthodontist, you might want to know what qualities make a good orthodontist. Orthodontists are general dentists who have gone on to specialize in orthodontics after two to three more years of training after their dental school completion. Not every orthodontist is the same, however, and you will want to make sure the one you visit has only the best qualities. Here are some of the things to watch for when visiting your orthodontist.

-Bedside Manner
You will likely be spending quite a few years under your orthodontist’s care so you will want him to be someone you are comfortable being around. If you do not feel like you can ask questions or you do not feel that he answers them well if you do ask, you might not have an orthodontist will all of the best qualities. Bedside manner is something people usually attribute to regular doctors, but it is an important thing for an orthodontist to possess as well. You will want to feel like your orthodontist is concerned about what you have to say and you will want to feel like you are being treated like a person and not just a symptom.

-Clinical Skills
Even more important than communication and interpersonal skills, you want your orthodontist to have great clinical skills. He should be able to take good impressions of your teeth and get your molds right the first time. If you feel like you have to repeat tests all of the time, you might not be as comfortable letting the orthodontist place braces on your teeth. In order to research his clinical skills, ask the office for references and call some of the people who have been under his care in the past. You can also look into his educational background to ensure that he has all of the proper degrees and certifications from programs that really stand out among the others.

-On-going Training
You will also want to make sure that your orthodontist participates in on-going training on some level or another. An orthodontist is a dental professional and since the field is always changing, it is best for him to have on-doing training to keep up with the times. This quality will show you that your orthodontist cares enough about his patients to make sure he has only the most current knowledge and set of skills to impart upon them.

Not every orthodontist will have each of these qualities, but if you want the best, you should take your time looking for one who features them all. When it comes to the future of your smile, there is no room for error so it is certainly okay to be picky.

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