Important Considerations When Switching Dentists

If you’ve found yourself in that awkward situation where it is time to cut ties with your old dentist and find a new dental service in Spokane Valley WA, it’s important to take a few steps first to ensure that your oral health is not a casualty of the process. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is necessary not only for your oral health, but can also be linked to some heart diseases and heart problems, so keeping your teeth and gums healthy is essential to living a long and healthy life.

When you first determine that it is time to leave your current dentist and find a new dental service in Spokane Valley WA, it’s essential that you first make sure you have secured a new dentist. Don’t just choose a new dentist that you think you would like. Many dentists are so popular that they may not be able to fit you in for a few months, or may not even be accepting new patients at all. Rather than sacrificing your oral health for a new dentist, make sure that you have appointments scheduled with the new dentist before you completely cut ties with the old one. Check the office hours, location and the attitude behind their care level before you completely commit to a new dentist.

The last thing you want is to visit a dentist and then get a large bill from your insurance company stating that your particular dentist is not covered under your policy. Once you have picked a new dentist, place a call to your insurance provider to make sure that your new dentist is covered under your policy. Dental service in Spokane Valley WA can be expensive, and there’s no need for you to pay out of pocket when you have the opportunity to find a new dentist who is covered under your current insurance policy.

Once you have determined that your new chosen dentist is covered by your insurance policy, contact the clinic and ask them what their procedures are for accepting new patients. They may need your previous dental records, and you will want to get a copy of those from your old dentist. Your dentist may require you to sign a release before they will send your information to a new dentist, and you want to avoid the awkward situation of visiting your old dentist again after you’ve cut ties.

There are enough dentists in the world that you should not have to stay with one who makes you uncomfortable or whose work you are not impressed with. Avoid doing things impulsively, and make sure that you have a future dentist arranged before you leave your old one.

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