Pros / Cons of Tactical Thigh Holster

When it comes to airsoft weapons and gear, airsoft enthusiasts want the best of the best. Whether you are using airsoft for special training or recreational purposes there are several ‘extras’ that can enhance your overall experience. This goes along the lines of changing your site, decided whether or not you want electric or manual, if you would like a MOLLE vest or even a thigh holster. We are going to go more in depth about the pros and cons of a tactical thigh holster so you can make an informed decision on whether this piece of gear is going to do you justice.


Honestly, one of the greatest advantages that you can enjoy with a tactical thigh holster is the easy accessibility of a sidearm. Think about running out of ammo – instead of sitting there reloading and leaving yourself vulnerable for attack, you can grab your side arm from your thigh holster and go. This eliminates down time and ensures that you remain quick thinking in your tactical strategy.

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is another great benefit to consider. Many people carry their extra ammo and materials in their vests – around their waists, with a thigh holster, you can remove weight from your waist region and be able to move more freely. This helps with agility but is also much more comfortable for the individual.

One major downfall to a thigh holster is its accessibility. While it is much easier to get to your thigh – you have to consider your clothing, is it under shorts or over, and how quickly can you get to that sidearm? If you are traveling or riding around as well, a thigh holster might not be as comfortable as a hip one. This all greatly depends on your personal preference and what you find easiest for you to maneuver around with. There are plenty of options readily available to you, you just have to make a decision and try it out!

If you are in need of a tactical thigh holster, look no further! Airsoft GI has them in stock and much more.

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