Exploring Different Sources of Water Damage

Water damage is often associated with floods. While this is the most common disaster associated with water damage, there are other types of situations that can result in the need for repairs. Because water damage can be so invasive, these situations should be evaluated by a contractor.

Leaking pipes are one of the most common causes of water damage. Even though the damage is on a, typically, smaller scale than a complete flood, it still can require significant repairs. Since piping is hidden in the walls, a leak can go undetected. Only when it has saturated surrounding materials are the signs visible. A discussion with the Water Damage Contractor in Colorado Springs will help to determine what type of repairs are needed once the leak has been uncovered.

Compromised seals around the windows and doors are another source of potential water damage. Often, this problem is completely ignored until the damage has become significant. Rotting is the most common problem associated with water damage. Mold growth also becomes a reoccurring problem if the moisture is not adequately dealt with. While some of the compromised seals can be fixed with an application of waterproofing, a replacement of the door or window is necessary if warping or rotting has occurred.

An overflowing sink can cause significant water damage to occur. This can happen if the overflow escapes the boundaries of the waterproofed areas. While immediate cleanup can prevent some of the damage from getting worse, contact with water can instantly damage some items. Unprotected wood cabinets or wood floors that have lost their protective coating are highly vulnerable. Carpets can soak up the overflow water and be damaged if they aren’t dried out immediately. Drywall may also soak some of the water up depending on the extent of the overflow.

While water from flooding is the cause most associated with damage, it is not the only source in the home. Water can get into different places from compromised areas of the home as well as plumbing issues. Because water is such a destructive source, it can damage everything it touches. While stopping the source is a priority, the damage should be addressed quickly to prevent other problems from developing.

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