Projection Weld Studs – Characteristics and Benefits

The service referred to a stud welding utilizes fasteners called welding studs or weld studs that make it possible for materials to be connected in one simple step. The process starts with the placement of the weld stud adjacent to the base metal followed by the application of an arc weld. The stud base in the area of the metal where the stud is to be attached is heated by the weld. After this, the stud subjected to the molten metal until the metal becomes hard. One category of weld studs are referred to as projection weld studs.

These types of studs produce additional strength due to the larger weld area involved. Under head projection studs are welded through a hole already present in the steel base. Overhead projections enable the welding to the base material without the presence of a whole. Sometimes these weld screws are used for visual appearance based welding because the stud will not penetrate through the material which leaves one side without a marred appearance.

Projection weld studs can be provided with inch or metric threads. They are often manufactured with weldable steel grade. Aluminum and stainless screws are also available, however.

Some of the potential benefits offered by a projection weld stud depending upon the application include:

  • Large weld area produces high weld strength
  • Used in heavy duty applications
  • Can produce appearance based welding
  • Stops leaking and contamination from foreign substances
  • Often provides a plain finish (or with a light oil coating)
  • May be welded through or to the base material

Projection weld studs are applicable in various heavy duty, industrial project scenarios. They can be provided in either a plated or bare metal finish.

Stud welding can be carried out in a fast efficient manner by one single worker in less than one second. Weld studs produce a strong, high quality bond between the stud in the metal part. This type of welding method can be used when the fastener and a metal to which it is attached are made from different materials and have different sizes and shapes.

If you are in the market to take advantage of projection weld stud services for your applications contact an experienced stud welding manufacturer to get started.

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