Common Causes of Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most common types of personal injury case is a slip and fall. Here are five of the most common causes when it comes to these types of accidents.

Rugs and Carpets

One of the most common causes of slip and falls is due to rugs and carpets. Loose carpets and slippery rugs can cause someone to quickly lose their footing and hurt themselves. These injuries can be quite serious.

Stairs and Ladders

Another case slip and fall attorneys in Fort Lauderdale see often is one that involves falls from ladders and stumbles on stairs. Loose rails and unfastened carpeting can make climbing and navigating steps and ladders risky.

Spills and Water

We all know spills need to be cleaned up right away because they pose a risk for slips and falls, but more than just spilled water can cause a problem. Oils, gas and any other liquid can make floors slippery and cause disastrous falls.

Cords and Wires

Another hazard that causes people to fall are cords and wires strewn all over the floor. They can easily snag feet and cause people to stumble and can lead to some serious injuries, especially when the falls occur on hard floors.

Equipment and Machines

The final example of cases seen by slip and fall attorneys in Fort Lauderdale is one that occurs on the job site. The use of equipment, vehicles and machines can put workers at risk for falls and injuries as well.

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