Problems with Standard Commercial Panel Lights

Many manufacturing companies today rely on a wide range of panels and indicators. Whether you need to keep track of a hydraulic system, temperature, oil pressure or a number of industrial variables, panels and warning systems are absolutely essential. However, there are several problems to consider with lighting, and most of them can be solved with special bulbs designed to fit into your GE ET-16 sockets. Let’s examine these issues more closely, shall we?

Problem 1: Excess Heat

Normally, one does not associate heat problems with something as small as a panel light. However, some panels are very large and hundreds of bulbs can generate a great deal of heat. Many panels are close to electrical components which are very sensitive to heat. In fact, some control panels must have their own air conditioning systems to ensure all the components can operate properly and additional heat is a major concern.


Led bulbs burn cool. If you can replace all those bulbs generating heat, you can reduce the amount of heat in the area. In fact, it may help to lower operating temperature when you install LED bulbs into your GE ET-16 bulb sockets.

Problem 2: Constant Maintenance

The more standard bulbs you have in your panels, you more bulbs you need to replace. In addition, you’ll have to make sure you have plenty of replacement bulbs on hand. One thousand hour bulbs will not last very long in an industrial environment and someone has to constantly monitor the panels for burned out bulbs and then replace them.


Switch to LED bulbs. Instead of a thousand hours, your bulbs can last for as long as 100,000 hours or more. If you replace all the bulbs in a particular panel at the same time, you won’t have to worry about them for many years.

Problem 3: Excess Power Consumption

Keeping hundreds or even thousands of standard panel bulbs burning can be a major expense and can put a dent in your electric bill budget. The truth is, standard incandescent bulbs are not very efficient and they will use a lot of energy over the course of a year.


When you would like to greatly decrease the amount of power your panels draw, consider retrofitting your GE ET-16 sockets to LED bulbs. These bulbs use about 10 percent of the power of standard bulbs and this gives you a 90 percent reduction in energy. This kind of savings can make a big difference in an operating budget.

If you would like to find the perfect LED bulbs for your GE ET-16 sockets, come to DDP Engineered LED Solutions. Our bulbs can replace 1819 and 1835 bulbs and deliver as much as 100,000 hours of operation. Join us on the Web today at for more info.

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