Preparing Your Child For A Dentist Appointment in Charleston

Although going to the dentist can be exciting, for some children, it can be quite scary. If they react with fear and emotional outburst, you may feel tempted to skip the appointments. But, even though they are young, these early visits are crucial in having healthy oral development. This also helps them to get comfortable with dental visits so they will continue as an adult. Below are the ways to get them more prepared.

Change Your Attitude

If you have any fears or dislikes about going to the dentist, your child will pick up on that and could start to worry. They rely on you to keep them safe and explain the difference between right and wrong. So, if they pick up negative vibes from you regarding a dentist, they will think there is a problem. Instead, show excitement about children’s dentistry in Charleston SC. Speak about the benefits you notice after trips to the dentist and point out nice things about the dentist.

Play Pretend Dentist

There are many reasons that your child could fear trips to the dentist. If they haven’t visited before, they may feel anxious about children’s dentistry in Charleston SC. Or, they may have been but felt that the experience was unpleasant. One way to address these issues is to pretend to be a dentist at home. Go through the entire process of checking in and then moving on to a make-believe dental chair. After brushing their teeth, allow them to tend to yours. Also, while doing this, ask them about emotions or concerns they may feel when at the real appointments.

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